The four volumes contain a great deal of detailed information in these nine appendices:

Volume 1 ·  A working family

  • Dictionary of Norfolk speech: more than 150 dialect terms used by the diarists Mary Hardy and Henry Raven and their family
  • Mary Ann Hardy’s recipes: 33 of the 122 recipes c.1784–1805 in the household book of Mary Hardy’s daughter
  • The Hardys’ 90 maidservants 1773–1821: their length of hire, and wages
  • A Hardy chronology 1732–1811 listing events in their personal and business lives


North Norfolk

North Norfolk. One of the 8 endpaper maps, showing some of the places in the directory and gazetteer

Volume 2 ·  Barley, beer and the working year

  • Directory of 35 breweries in eastern Norfolk and north-east Suffolk 1773–1809
  • Gazetteer of 101 public houses supplied by the Hardys from Coltishall 1773–1781 and Letheringsett 1781–1895
  • The excise service

Volume 3 ·  Spiritual and social forces 

  • Ecclesiastical and religious terms
  • Three preachers’ lives: Reece, Barrs, Hill


Volume 4 ·  Under sail and under arms

  • Glossary of technical terms, area, weights and measures