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The Cozens-Hardy Diamond Wedding 1890

Letheringsett, 21 July 1890: the Diamond Wedding of Mary Hardy’s grandson William H. Cozens-Hardy (centre, in shirtsleeves) and his wife Sarah (in the Bath chair)

The wealth of family papers in private hands consulted for this project is also described on the Diary website, where grateful acknowledgment is made to the custodians. Among these papers by far the most important is the archive known as the Cozens-Hardy Collection, in the custody of Mary Hardy’s descendants.

The Cozens-Hardy Collection

These papers, dispersed today among many family members, passed through the hands of most of those seen here on the 60th wedding anniversary of Mary Hardy’s only surviving grandchild.

He was William Hardy Cozens (1806–95), who on William Hardy junior’s death in 1842 added the name Hardy to his own surname. The boy with the bird’s nest, he followed his uncle as farmer, maltster, brewer and estate owner at Letheringsett, and also had the family properties at Cley and Sprowston.

On the far left is his eldest son Clement, his partner in the Letheringsett maltings and brewery. After his father’s death Clement sold the business in 1896, with the tied houses, to Morgans, the Norwich brewers. At Clement’s feet are his granddaughter Gladys, later wife of her cousin the 3rd Lord Cozens-Hardy and mother of Beryl (pictured on this page).

Beside Gladys is her five-year-old cousin Basil, who with his father Sydney (beside Clement) played a vital role in conserving the papers. Herbert, the 1st Lord (and the cricketer in braces), stands beside Sydney.

The Hon. Beryl Cozens-Hardy (1911-2011)

Beryl Cozens-Hardy, doubly descended from Mary Hardy, was one of many custodians of the Hardy and Cozens-Hardy archives

The stooping figure beside William Hardy Cozens-Hardy is his son-in-law, the mustard manufacturer and Norwich MP Jeremiah James Colman. His wife Caroline, the eldest of the trio of 1837, sits in front of their daughter and next to her father.

The family came to prominence in many fields including public service, the Law, politics, local government, engineering and philanthropy. Archie, the son of Theobald Cozens-Hardy (brother of Clement, Herbert and Sydney and standing sixth from the left) became editor of the regional newspaper the Eastern Daily Press.

Beryl Cozens-Hardy (1911–2011)

Beryl Cozens-Hardy, whose brother the 4th Lord was the last to hold the title, served as leader of the Girl Guide movement in England 1961–70 and then worldwide as Chairman of the World Committee of the Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts 1972–75.

Beryl died in September 2011, nine weeks short of her 100th birthday, knowing that the Mary Hardy volumes were close to completion. Her positive approach to life and optimistic, steadfast encouragement through the years of research remain an inspiration.

Mary Hardy and her World  is dedicated to her memory.