8 Mar. 2017: Mary Hardy features on Wikipedia main page for International Women’s Day

Mary Hardy led the short items on the Wikipedia main page today in the ‘Did you know?’ section.

Her full-colour portrait by James Gabriel Huquier drew the eye to her feature, which formed part of the Wiki commemoration of International Women’s Day:

Wikipedia main page 8 Mar. 2017

A screen grab of part of the Wikipedia main page, with Mary Hardy pictured in the centre








In a few words the piece singled out the unusual nature of her diary. She was a woman recording a man’s world. It reads:

“Did you know that the diary of Mary Hardy (pictured) provides a detailed record of an 18th-century English farming and brewing business?”

You can read more about the diarist and the family business on these Wikipedia pages:

Mary Hardy (diarist)

Letheringsett Brewery Watermill

The artist too has his own Wiki entry:

James Gabriel Huquier