This four-volume study is currently being prepared for publication; no date has yet been set. In the three years since the publication of The Diary of Mary Hardy three of the four ‘World’ volumes have been completed. All four will come out together.

The study is built around the life of Mary Hardy (1733–1809), pictured (top) aged 51, the wife of a farmer, maltster and brewer in the county of Norfolk. It explains the way she opens our eyes to the past and helps us to understand the present. The tale is buttressed by a wealth of illustrations.

The King's Head, Holt

One of 101 outlets in Norfolk supplied with the Hardys’ beer. Mary Hardy tells us about the workings of this trade

A wide-ranging exploration

These volumes of commentary and analysis will serve as a guide for those who have read her extraordinary diary, which totals half a million words. The diary was published on 30 April 2013, and you can read about it on the website The Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809. The Diary received critical acclaim, with very favourable reviews.

This major historical project has already involved nearly 30 years of continuous research and writing by Margaret Bird. You can discover more here about the Mary Hardy project.

You can enjoy the volumes Mary Hardy and her World without reading her text. You will see the 39 subject areas listed under World volumes.

The publishers’ website at Burnham Press describes just some of the readers who will find the books absorbing. The various chapters will appeal to the general reader and to the specialist, to teachers and researchers, and to family and local historians. At publication you will be able to place an order, either for a single volume or for a set, at Burnham Press.